Why You Can’t Afford Not To Hire a Coach *(special offer announced at end)

October 7, 2010

I had the pleasure of meeting my realtor Nihad, who also happens to be a dear friend, for lunch today.  Over miso soup, we caught up on one another’s business successes, new opportunities and of course the challenges in today’s market.  We brainstormed for one another, offered new ways of looking at our road blocks as well as alternative approaches to our current business models.  Sound familiar? I shared with him how much I love working one on one with clients and how much joy I derive from knowing that I  transform the way that my clients see themselves and as a result the way that the world sees them.  The coaching that I provide for my clients has an immediate ripple effect all the way from their business performance to the quality and potential of their entire life.  Their renewed enthusiasm and motivation for achieving the life that they know is within them is infectious and it spreads throughout their relationships and their communities.  Being able to provide this type of work is a great honor that I have spent 15 professional years preparing for and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  However, I also shared how disappointing it can be when keenly interested referrals get cold feet and tell themselves that they would love to partner with me but don’t think that they can afford my coaching services.  So, if you are one of those people, and there are a lot of you out there who have contemplated what your return on investment might be, if you partnered with me, here are just a few items that we could begin to work on today:

  • Do you feel a sense of ownership over reaching your destiny, both professionally and personally?
  • Do fear-based distractions and procrastination habits hijack your sales or creativity process?
  • How are you holding yourself accountable to reaching your goals or intentions?
  • How are you sorting through all the indecision and lack of clarity that pervades your thoughts?
  • How much discipline are you exercising throughout your day to keep you focused and engaged?
  • Where is the joy, the energy, the motivation in your life?

*Hello-are you still with me? Great! Well here comes the best part—the SPECIAL OFFER ANNOUNCEMENT. See, it pays to be patient!  In return for some very exciting breakthroughs I have had with my business in the last few weeks, I have decided to return my good karma by dramatically dropping my rates for the remainder of the year to the first 10 people who respond to this offer.  So, if you have ever considered hiring a coach and are ready to get working on some of those items listed above, I am your gal!  For the month of October, November and December, I will be offering 40 minute telephone based coaching for the dramatically low-cost of $89.00 per session. AND, that’s right, I am not done, I will be offering these sessions ala carte, meaning you do not have to lock into a binding contract. You simply pay as you go whenever you need me.  Coaching on the go! Call today, (503) 616-6112 to become part of my “Top 10-Special Offer” before your friends do—I tend to shout loud about offers like this.

Warmly, Katie Kelley   Business, Leadership & Personal Coach  www.LegacyBuilderCoaching.com