Influenced by her experiences in New York City as both a psychotherapist and a business professional, Katie’s approach combines an innate understanding of her clients’ needs with fresh perspective on risk-taking. It is this rare hybrid of specialties that makes for an extraordinary learning experience as her clients seek to integrate new paths towards success and ultimately build their legacy.

A native Californian who spent time living in Europe, Katie Kelley received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Boston College and her Masters in Social Work from Smith College. After earning her psychotherapy license while working at Cornell Medical School and working as a therapist in Manhattan during her late twenties, Katie embarked upon a major career change and shifted to medical sales, landing a job with Novartis’ Management Development Sales Team.

In order to fuse her clinical training with her business experience, Katie earned certifications from the Organizational Development Program at NYU and the Core Essentials Program at Coach University. Katie’s growing interest in coaching, combined with her desire to help people achieve the life that’s within them, motivated her to launch Legacy Builder Coaching in 2009.

An accomplished entrepreneur and avid runner, Katie served as the Portland Director for Ladies Who Launch from May 2009-November 2010. She served on the Advisory Board of Moyo Jasiri in 2011 and is currently a Co-Producer of The Link for Women‘s ‘A Seat At The Table: And Getting It” five month seminar series with her colleague and mentor Cindy Tortorici.

Katie is a regular contributor on ABC’s “AM Northwest”, a morning television show where she designs and writes her own segments on the topics of success and leadership at work.  She has appeared on CBS KOIN 6 “Keep it Local,” 1190 KEX “Best of Portland” and can be found on Twitter as @LegacyBCoaching and @Katie_C_Kelley.  Katie can also be reached at Katie@legacybuildercoaching.com or (503) 616-6112.

Katie and husband Tom left the Big Apple in 2008 and now reside in Portland with their two young daughters.


“Starting your own business is a firestorm of ups, downs, highs, lows, new learning’s and challenging decisions. My first year of business was enhanced with the coaching style of Katie Kelley, Legacy Builder Coaching. She prepared various exercises such as: thought provoking readings, journal writing topics, enhanced surveying of my customers, business planning and creating target goals of what I want both professionally and personally. My work with Katie has been priceless. She is a pleasure to share with and has become more than a hired business coach but a treasure in my life. ”
Margot Feves, Owner/founder
Dinner At Your Door

“Katie is a shining example to entrepreneurs. Her sharp business focus and excellent listening skills combine to create a coaching experience that is truly results driven. Katie knows exactly how to bring the right piece of information to the table at the right time and always does it with pizazz! Katie is the perfect blend of East Coast no-nonsense and West Coast feel good to get things moving in the right direction”

Darlene Anderson, Entrepreneur

“I’ve worked with Katie through CRAVE Portland and I asked her to speak at a recent CRAVE Portland Business Chat. She provided leadership and guidance to the local women business owners that were in attendance at the Chat. She is an expert in her field and has a contagious entrepreneurial spirit! I would recommend seeking her for business advice and insight; but expect to walk away inspired!”

Kimberly Brandt, Director of CRAVE Portland


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