How to Write Your Most Effective Blog Posts

February 7, 2011

I am more than likely even guiltier than you are of writing my blog posts without much strategic forethought as I recently learned I should be applying.  To help myself and YOU become more effective at writing your blog posts, here are some critical tips from my colleague Susan Rich of Rich Writing:

1) Apply the ‘Inverted Pyramid’ structure that is used by journalists: pick the main fact, arrange others in descending order of importance, when done, simply stop writing.

2) Invest the majority of your time in designing your headline and your first two sentences. Focus on how you can consolidate your message and how you can incorporate critical keywords for your target audience into these sentences.

3) Develop your content around your own personal brand and by showing how you can help others. Work to resonate with your blog reading audience by including anecdotes and personal stories. Also make sure your biography allows you audience to truly get to know you.

4) In order to create an intriguing headline, use one of these three styles: ‘list’ (3 ways to loose weight quickly), ‘ask an open question’ (Do you want to loose weight quickly?) or ‘excite’ (Get thin thighs fast!)

5) Consider why you are writing and what your goal is for doing so. Then decide how frequently you will commit to writing. Consistency is key. Also, consider how people will find out about your blog, what communities you are trying to tap into and how you plan to convert your readers to a sale.

6) Give some forethought into what your blog posts are promising. Every post needs a purpose. Make sure you are stating that purpose in your headline and your first two sentences (redundant point her for good reason!)

7) Be sure to use simple language, to simplify complex ideas and emphasize communication.

8) To add extra zest, write in the present tense, use action verbs rather than a passive voice.

“Inspire curiosity or promise a result and you WILL attract followers!”  Thank you Susan–you are a true gem!

Any other tips from my fellow bloggers out there? What did we miss here? Do tell!