Leadership Coaching

Katie is typically engaged by her corporate clients when they have a middle management/emerging leader or team who are headed towards senior level roles and are seeking leadership development.

Katie can use her own 360 Degree Leadership Development instruments to ensure that the focus of their work is taking into consideration the perspective of her client and that of their peers, managers and their direct reports.

Testimonial from a CEO based on his experience hiring Katie to implement her 360 Review Process in his company:

“We understood the benefits of such a survey, but did not fully appreciate how much Katie’s work would turn out to be clearly a game changer for us on so many levels. The 360 survey was revealing in helping each of us to understand how we’re perceived by those with whom we work. Katie’s facilitation of the process and follow up coaching sessions provided us with the necessary insight and tools to address those areas which each of us individually need to improve. Her relevant experience is obvious, her interpersonal skills are just what was needed to facilitate our sessions, and she intuitively knows when and how to push us to move beyond our current state to embrace necessary change. And it’s working! Staff throughout our office have noticed the difference and appreciate our efforts to improve communication, our professional relationships, and the office environment and energy. We’re not done yet…we’re on a journey, but Katie will continue to be an important resource as we progress.”
Mark S., CEO, Portland, OR


As each client brings with them a unique and fluctuating set of needs, Katie typically provides a hybrid of business, leadership and personal coaching with the overall emphasis being their leadership development.  However, she is able to strictly provide coaching on one specific area of need: be it your business, your career, your leadership or your personal life.

Business/Entrepreneurial Coaching results in clarification of your business vision, completion of a business plan, an analysis of your target audience and the creation and execution of your sales and marketing plan.  For already established businesses, we work on methods for further diversifying your current business model, attracting a wider audience of clients and ways to run your business more effectively.

Career Coaching results in identification of the career path that you would like to pursue as well as the necessary skill building and obstacle hurdling to get you where you want to be.

Personal Leadership Coaching results in you becoming your own strategic and visionary leader.  Through strength building you will learn how to best manage yourself, your business and/or your staff most effectively and enjoyably.  Some of these skills might be conflict management, assertiveness training, motivating others, negotiation, political savvy, building effective teams, and leading with vision and purpose.

Personal Coaching results in customizing a life plan that allows you to best navigate and celebrate the challenges of “having it all” (family, life, & career) as well as tackling life’s unplanned setbacks and murky transitions.


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