Katie Kelley is a fast-rising national leadership development expert who specializes in preparing emerging leaders for executive roles.  She is a highly engaging and relatable personality and is deeply passionate about her work, making for an extraordinary learning experience for your leaders in-training.

As a Leadership Coach and Consultant as well as a Television Personality, Katie partners with leading companies like Google, KPMG and Kaiser Permanente to fortify and inspire the next generation of business leaders. Influenced by her experiences in New York City as both a psychotherapist and a business professional, Katie’s approach combines an innate understanding of her clients’ needs with fresh perspectives on risk-taking.

Katie’s services include:

Seminars for emerging leaders focused on influencing & leadership skills

Company-sponsored or private leadership development coaching

Implementation of Katie’s custom 360-Degree Leadership System


“Katie Kelley exudes brilliance, integrity, and capability. Katie’s learned and intuitive approach to coaching, places her well above many of her peers. She is an expert communicator who is able to cut through to the precise answers needed to move a client forward. Working with Katie – in any capacity – is delightful!” August 20, 2010

From Diana Page Jordan, Multi-Media Entrepreneur, Diana Jordan Enterprises

“Katie is full of positive energy – which makes her an excellent motivator. She has a great sense of humor and is fun to work with. She is approachable, outgoing, genuine, compassionate, and is full of ideas in order to help you think BIG and succeed!”

From Teresa Nicola, Professional Organizer, Collected Spaces

“Katie Kelley has been, and continues to be, the one business coach in town that I recommend over and over again to clients. Katie has a wonderful way of listening to challenges her clients are facing, giving them clear direction and doing this all with passion and dedication. I’ve been able to refer clients from varying areas of business, in different stages of development, and they all have walked away with a clear road map of where they need to go. I highly recommend Katie Kelley and Legacy Builder Coaching for her expertise, experience and results.”

From Maggie Palmer, Principal/Owner, MKP Creative Services

“Katie has the professional credentials and background to provide valuable clarity and strategy for your business, your personal life and all of the many intersections where they come together.

Not only does she have a broad and practical grasp, but her human qualities make her true pleasure to work with. She is caring, empathetic and has a lot of great ideas; she is to the point and concise with an incredible level of integrity.

…and on a more personal note: any woman that can simultaneously move across the country to a new city and then launch two businesses while having her first child is just someone you ought to get to know!”

From Linda Snyder, Market Director, Ladies Who Launch Washington

“I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Katie for the past 6 months as we have both worked to develop our businesses and serve our local communities. Katie has a natural sense for business, works incredibly well with others and has an optimistic nature that is both motivating and inspiring. She is truly a role model for outstanding leadership.”

From Caren Magill-Myers, Executive Director, Ladies Who Launch Los Angeles



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