Corporate Seminars

Katie’s seminars are designed for optimum adult learning. Each seminar begins with Katie guiding a didactic conversation (no dry PowerPoint!), and then the group splits up into small groups after individual processing to collectively share their impressions.  The third step involves a group think/analysis, followed by the creation of an action plan for each participant’s ongoing leadership development.  Katie customizes her seminars to meet the requirements of each client’s unique culture and leadership development needs.

MODULE ONE: Expanding Your Organizational Influence (For Men and Women)

This seminar can be split into two separate parts or taught collectively. Part Two builds off of the foundation of the Part One.  The ideal learning occurs when Ms. Kelley teaches Part One and then returns a month later and teaches Part Two to aid in the application and processing of these new leadership approaches.

Part One: Fortifying Your Personal Power Bank

Overview: In order to practice organizational influence, leaders must be conscious of building trust and competence in the eyes of all of their colleagues. Also, there must be an understanding of the situational dynamics within their professional relationships. When leaders are clear on what they want to accomplish and have confidence to seek out what they need, they are set up for even greater success in achieving both their own goals as well as those established by their organization.

Part Two: Styles & Models for Leading Effectively

Overview: As leaders, you are expected to influence your boss, your peers and beyond your organization, rather than solely having influence within the silo of your department.  To accomplish this end, best-in-class leaders are adept in using an array of influencing styles.  Secondly, leaders who are well versed in utilizing solution oriented models will always shine the brightest.  This seminar will teach leaders how to adapt their influencing style based on the power base of the particular relationship, the urgency of the situation and the readiness of their colleagues to be influenced by them.

MODULE TWO: Developing Your Influential Voice (Women Only)

Audience: This seminar is customized to align with the culture and particular needs of a company’s female leadership. It is ideal for emerging female leaders who are headed towards senior level roles.

Overview:  Women are natural born leaders who tend to be drawn towards developing those around them.  However, when it comes to allowing themselves to shine and self promote many women struggle with self confidence in a business setting.   Secondly, women can get stuck in a tactical stance and under-leverage opportunities to delegate effectively so that they have the time to think and act strategically. This seminar supports emerging female leaders in formulating their career plan, identifying what leadership competencies they need to develop in order to attain their goals and plan for how they will sustain their new roles professionally and personally.

MODULE THREE: The Link’s “A Seat At The Table: And Getting It” (Women Only)

This is a seminar series that is co-facilitated by Katie Kelley and Cindy Tortorici, CEO and Founder of The Link for Women.  The series consists of monthly full day seminars held over a period of five months.  It is run in Portland, Oregon and will be coming to Seattle and the Bay Area in 2013.  Corporations sponsor their emerging female leaders to enroll in this program as they are preparing for senior level roles.  Companies also engage Katie and Cindy to adapt their curriculum for private on-site workshops for their female leadership.

Audience: Women who have held management roles for 3-5 years.

Overview: Sitting at a boardroom of 12, perhaps 2 of the seats are filled with women. Men and women executives need the same things to obtain and utilize their seat at that table: developmental programs and a strong network of peers and mentors. A Seat at the Table provides access to all of these needs, focusing on women who are not traditionally afforded the same opportunities as their male executive counterparts.

The goal of ASATT is to help women cultivate their vision, an influential voice and a strong community of experts, peers, mentors and sponsors to lead with confidence and contribute effectively when they have a seat at the table.

For more details about these programs, please contact Katie directly at


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  1. Thank you Christina. The biggest lesson I have learned since starting this business is to diversify my services and roll them into products. I have had more success than I ever expected by offering my own workshops and private coaching. Some clients really thrive from being in a group setting and some prefer the privacy and personalized attention of one to one coaching. Let me know when your book is available for purchase so I can spread the news! Katie Kelley

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