Bringin’ It In 2012

December 30, 2011

My hunch is that you all are going to absolutely ‘kill it’ in 2012. Sure this is merely one woman’s intuition, however a) I have a pretty strong sense of where many of you are at and b) I am darn talented in sensing these types of things accurately. Now, 2011 has been an ugly/hard/tragic/challenging ______ (you fill in your blank) year for the many of us in some way or another.  Can I get an amen?  And in reaction to this adversity, we have all learned that we must adapt, whether we like it or not, to the new economy or be left far, far behind the lead pack.  So, much has been re-thought and revised and now, now my friends is time to put the pressure on the gas and go for it 2012.

If I am ahead of any of you with this action plan, here’s a simple formula:

Gain clarity on YOUR 2012 Plan

+ Develop the necessary confidence to

+ Execute Your Plan


= You killing it in 2012 (sweet!!!)

2011 has been a year filled with abundant blessings for myself both personally and professionally.  My husband and daughter and I welcomed a second daughter into our family and I am enjoying the opportunity to work with the type of incredibly bright and inspiring clients I had aways hoped to attract. Now with blessings comes responsibilities and I have had and continue to be challenged by the complexity of my life at home, putting natural limits on how much I can extend myself to my clients and business development. This has and will be a central theme in my life and one that I know there is no one solution. I share this with you because I want you to know that I share in your struggles to ‘have it all’ and at the same time refuse to back down on my career ambitions while also totally loving being a mother to our girls.  It’s not easy, but it is possible, eventually.

So tell, me what will YOU be toasting to on December 31, 2012?

I am hoping that I will be beyond the development stage of an internet television show as well as continuing to develop clients in Oregon and California.

What are you bringing to 2012?