Something’s Gotta Give

August 28, 2012

ImageIs there something in your life, whether it’s at work or in your personal life, that people all around you are constantly telling you unequivocally, “well, you HAVE to do that”?  And that, ‘that’, just happens to be the one thing you simply do not have or want to find the time for at this stage of your life?  If so, read on. If not, count your lucky stars and cease from reading this tremendously juicy and fascinating blog…..

So, for me, as a small business owner, that one thing that you continually get hammered to do is, YOU HAVE TO BLOG. And not just once a month, which is about my batting average, but bi-weekly, even more than that say some.  Really?  This has been the ONE thing in my business that I truly have been at war with since I opened my doors.  I completely understand the value of it and the importance of it; however, I literally do not have enough time in my life to blog regularly. 

So this confessional blog’s intention is to ‘come clean’ and at least explain to my ever so loyal readers, that I am sorry for being delinquent in this vein of my business life. Secondly, I just wanted to put a place card at the top of my blog roll to at least acknowledge the fact that yes, I realize I have 100% falling off the blogging bandwagon this summer. 

But here is the great part….it’s because I believe I am being much more effective by using my time providing the services my clients need and then updating, briefly, oh ever so briefly via Facebook.  And the fact of the matter is, business is great, so I can take the pressure off of myself to do things such as blog (regularly), knowing that I am already getting my messages and voice out to you all. Right?

The second thing is that I am hell-bent to get my first e-book written by year end and in order to do that I need to focus all of my extra time for writing, which is limited as it is, to that particular body of work, rather than getting continually sidelined by the need to blog.

So for all of you out there who share a similar kind of albatross, I give you PERMISSION to honor  your true desires and let go of the weighty burden of feeling like you have to do it all, just ‘because’.  The bottom line is that no one person understands your life like you do and that is why only you can make your own decisions regarding how you spend your time and energy. And if saying ‘no’ and doing less of all the little things you do, perhaps in a mediocre way, so that you can ultimately do so much more of the really, really good stuff that you do—than I say, “Heck yea!!”

Can I get an amen on this sermon?

Ahh, I feel the psychological relief already!