A Sneak Peak into My Forthcoming Book for Emerging Female Leaders

Friends, would you do me the honor of scanning though this rough outline of my forthcoming book and let me know what you think.  This book is designed for emerging female leaders who are shooting for the stars, either with their own businesses or within a large corporation. They aspire to senior level roles or as their own CEO, but they also are passionate about their life outside of work and more than anything, the sacred tribe that they surround themselves with for joie de vivre!

Would love feedback on any of these topics and am looking for quotes and anecdotes from YOU to include in the book. Enjoy!

First Phase: What do I want next?

Overview: Women face a vastly different set of pathways mid career than their male counterparts. I believe that the main reason for this differential is based on our contrasting values. Many mid career women value flexibility and intrinsic reward in their work life over role status and even salary.  Whether or not you are managing your own young family at this time, can often play a very critical role in where you most want to spend your time and resources.  Also, the deficit of positive senior women leader role models impacts many mid career women decisions to cease from climbing their company’s organizational ladder.  Why continue on a road where you are not seeing any like minded and like valued positive role models along the way?

In this section we will dig into some exercises to help you uncover what is your largest driver and how this motivation can help you determine what your career trajectory can look like.  Secondly, we will discuss ways that you can then assess whether you are in the right place and how objectively you can assess your skill set and our value in your marketplace.

Key Takeaways:

  • Analysis of your values and how that impacts your career/life planning
  • Clarity around your drive and motivations and what success looks like for YOU!
  • Review of your role models/mentors/sponsors and why you admire them
  • Assessment of whether you are in the right company (culture & growth) & right role
  • Determination of your worth in the marketplace
  • Completion of your career plan


Second Phase: What are the specific leadership competencies that women mid-career must develop in order to break into the next level of success?

Overview: Women have only been in the professional management realm for about three decades.  Thus, we are still negotiating what it means to be a female leader as well as figuring out ways to break through the ever constant glass ceiling. Of course there is a subset of women who are outliers, but in general women mid career can get stuck in mid management roles because they do not have the same leadership skill set as their male peers that is mandatory if they want to break into senior level roles.  In this section we will tackle those core competencies that will help you reach your career plan in a more effective and empowered way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consideration of your overall resilience and attitudes towards risks, change and failing
  • Review of your ability to de-personalize work relationships
  • A clear understanding of how confident you are based on varying contexts and relationships
  • How to clearly communicate and effectively self promote at critical meetings
  • How to increase your personal power base in order to have organizational influence
  • How to effectively delegate and become less of a micro manager
  • A plan to make sure you gain access to critical people and opportunities related to your career plan
  • How to negotiate office politics
  • Tools to help you and your team focus on visioning and strategy skills
  • Guidelines for how best to negotiate your next role and compensation

 Phase Three:  How do I sustain my success?

 Overview:  Sustainability is just as crucial for women as reaching their career goals.  I believe the reason for this is two-fold: first, we are often juggling many other roles outside of our career and secondly, because there is not nearly as an established old girls network as there is for men, it can become a very lonely and isolated existence as a female leader.  In this final section, we will tackle what you need to guarantee your ongoing success as it relates to being a self-possessed and inspired leader both outside and inside your professional worlds.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to be feminine in a male dominated work environment while still holding respect
  • How to actively build and maintain your tribe (childcare, financial planning, social life, prof. network, extracurricular interests)
  • Creation of ‘Signs and Symptoms of Your Impending Burnout’ worksheet for friends & family
  • Ensuring a plan for personal development and nourishment
  • Begin to flesh out your exit plan  (long term career planning)

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