Paramount PR Tips from Weinstein PR

I consult with the leaders of small and mid size businesses who are often peripherally wondering how they should best be publicizing their story to the public.  The media landscape has shifted dramatically in the last few years with the influx of social media and the crumbling of traditional print media sources.  No one can afford to not engage with their customers today, rather it has become an imperative.  Here is a crystal clear list of tips from Portland’s own Weinstein PR, who together have more than 284 collective years working in PR, communications and design, for your PR considerations:

  •  The best PR efforts start with the brand. PR should nurture and nourish your brand, and ring true to your audience.
  • Human beings love great stories. Find your most compelling stories, and tell them strategically.
  • Consider your audience. Reach them where their interests intersect yours.
  • Hone your messages. Simplicity. Clarity. Focus on just 3 or 4 messages, and perfect them with great writing.
  • Provide great visuals. Compelling graphic design and iconic imagery make your message stick.
  • Prepare and rehearse. Anticipate questions. Practice answers. Be sure the people who will deliver your message are equipped to succeed with proper social/media training.
  • Control your own media, and frame the conversation for others. Tell your stories directly and engage your audience with blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and eNewsletters.
  • Boutique PR firms like ours offer great creative chops, are cost effective and have experienced people. The people you initially meet should be the ones who work on your account.
  • Build authentic relationships. Meet face-to-face with the media whenever possible, and share your stories with confidence and transparency.
  • Engage your employees, friends and vendors. Expand your inner circle to include everyone who can spread the word and feed the energy. Trust them with the truth.
  • Define what success looks like. Always articulate what you are trying to achieve with a PR campaign – so that everyone will know when you’ve done it!

What has your most successful PR initiative been and what did you learn along the way?


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