Your Fall-spiration Booster Shot

With the days getting shorter, the temperatures dropping and the overall state of the state getting well—dour; I know ALL of us are in need of some ‘back to basics’ rejuvenation when it comes to our approach to our businesses, our self-care and our life in general.  Taking a few minutes to consider your values and your talents should help you to get back to doing what you do best AND in planning mode for your NEXT BIG THING.  Now, get to work:

1) What Do You Value Today?

To get started with this whole big ‘ol project of self/life improvement/upgrade, we have to begin at the beginning, at the very crux of where our priorities are set—our value system.  Just like so many themes that we are discussing, our value system is not a formal or stagnant entity that remains consistent throughout our life. It shifts as our life does through maturity, relationships, milestones, children, etc.  So, what matters most to us today is what your value system is RIGHT NOW.  So let’s be terribly dramatic, and pretend that today was your last day here on earth, how would you want to design your day? What experiences would you want to have? What would you want of this day? What would you want to contribute? What would be significant enough for you to have accomplished to state that your last day had met your expectations?  After you have pondered these abstract questions, try to extract the themes or essences of your answers.  We want to know what values show up in an exercise like this.

2)  What Are Your Talents Today?

Talents are skills and abilities that you do better than most  You must understand what your ‘special sauce’ is in order to make a bold impression with others.  Your talents are what open doors for you and what keeps the spotlight on you when others have lost the attention of the crowd.  If you are trying to work on ways that you can expand a greater experience at work, then consider what your particular talents are there; and if you are focused on your life outside of work, then consider what just shows up there. However, what is often special and unique about you outside of work, could often help serve you at work, but perhaps in a more refined and ‘work appropriate’ manner.  It’s so much more fun to be transparent and your unique self everywhere you go, versus stifling your essence.

Since no one exercise works for everyone, I like to offer a smattering of options to my clients and let them play with them so that they can find the one that brings out their richest self:

What makes you different from everybody else?

What are your remarkable differences?

If you were on a blind date (with someone whom you REALLY liked), what do you tell your suitor about yourself to is most appealing?

If you were applying to ‘America’s Got Talent’, what skill would you most want to showcase?   Furthermore, describe your performance.

What do people most appreciate about you?

If you were being roasted, what would be said about you?

Create the most unique biography of yourself for a very juicy contest that you REALLY want to win!

If you were a product, what would you put on your label to sell yourself?

Come up with a fun way to collect feedback from friends/ family/colleagues on what THEY think your particular talents are (contest, simple email, Face book post)

What do people consistently tell you they love about you?

What makes you memorable?

Simply said, your talents are your single most important differentiator—identify them, polish them and flaunt ‘em baby!!!

Okay, enough from me for now. Now I want to know from YOU, what you uncovered about yourself in this exercise and how you are going to use this information in your life today to do things differently. No more same ‘ol, same ‘ol….thing FRESH and BOLD. Now, do share your brilliance, won’t you?


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