Contents: My Big Dream Job & how I am getting started….

Greetings friends and fans,

Today is the day I have decided to share with you all the grand plans I have for myself professionally for two glaring reasons. First, I think it will be helpful for those of you who have similar ambitions and are curious as to the process and methods by which I am going about reaching this overarching, awesome and universal goal.  And, secondly, because I need your support, humor and overall feedback on how I am doing and what you think I should do differently, etc. If it takes me 30 years to reach this goal, so be it, but in the mean time, let’s begin….

Drum roll please, I feel deep in the core of who I am that I will eventually end up with my own television show.  Yes, that’s right, and I am talking, move to Los Angeles, syndicated, cable type of show.  This is just something that seems like a logical evolution for myself given my drive, the messages I want to share with the world and frankly the type of lifetime goal that I feel up to taking on.  Now, when I share this LOFTY goal, people either go silent or smile, rather glibly, I might add. I can see their mind working, they are thinking to themselves, “Oh, good Lord, listen to the ego on this one??” or the ones I choose to embrace as friends are those who say things like, “I’d watch ya” or “You rock on with your bad self Katie”, or my FAVORITE is my own father, whose best response to all of this is, “Katie, you have never been short on dreams”.

I figure, the best I can do is shooting to make this dream a reality and in the short-term have fun and continue to expand my business and who knows where I”ll actually land. However, for those of you who are curious as to how one goes from where I currently stand in the world, both professionally and personally, to joining the ranks of Ellen DeGeneres, Rachael Ray, Anderson Cooper of the Goddess of all that is, Oprah, this is what I am beginning to work on based on the amazing professionals I have consulted with in the last few days:

1) Developing my online presence by branding myself as a media personality via my personal Facebook Page and Twitter account and dedicating my Legacy Builder Coaching website, FB Page and Twitter Account to just my corporate work. Basically, beginning to distinguish myself between these two identities. (Thanks to Maggie Palmer of MKP Creative & Jill Daniel of Pasta Queen Public Relations for that advice)

2) Begin to blog on a weekly basis (here I am!)

3) Hire a Writing Coach (@BrookeWarner in San Francisco) to hold me accountable to completing an e-book by years end to begin to establish my platform.

Okay, that’s it for now….let me know what you think this sounds, etc. I need your help!


2 Responses to Contents: My Big Dream Job & how I am getting started….

  1. Jessica says:

    Katie, you were born to do something like that! You would be fantastic, and I would be sure to watch your show! And aren’t you already making TV appearances? And it doesn’t hurt you have a close friend in the industry…

    I am not an expert in the area you want to go into. But I am slooooowly laying the groundwork for my own copywriting/agency biz. Bit by bit. Been working on my personal blog, will be starting my professional one this year. Going to create my website, too. It’s a long process. But I’m chipping away at it.

    My one piece of advice? If you can swing it, have a day to yourself each week to work on your Big Goal. No kids. No unrelated work. I have carved out Thursdays this year to work on my goal. I plan to have something to show for it a year from now!

  2. Dear Jess, Thank you very much for weighing in. Great advice about the dedicated day. I think I am going to start with committing 60 to 90 mins x 3days/wk for a start on the writing commitment. Wish we lived closer so our girls could meet. BC reunion happening anytime soon? Xo

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