my favorite *Most Influential People* (according to TIME Magazine)

Time Magazine has graced their latest May double edition with a synopsis of the world’s most current influential people.  Knowing how much my clients (and I) are always in need of daily inspiration, I thought I would share with you those who stand out the most for me in the hopes that they do the same for you:

“Economist: Esther Duflo“: (As founder of the MIT Poverty Action Lab, she has broken out of the ivory tower to gather real data and see what really works in alleviating poverty. She found that the highly acclaimed micro financing movement is not all it cracked up to be)

School Reformer:Geoffrey Canada” (Watch the documentary ‘Waiting for Superman’ to learn about Canada’s groundbreaking work with the Harlem Children’s Zone)

Law Enforcer: Maria Bashir”:(Afghanistan’s only female prosecutor general defies the odds and the death threats to battle corruption, crime and domestic abuse. On paper her country has robust laws protecting the rights of their women, however in reality they are ignored. Ms. Bashir is committed to closing this gap)

“Television Pioneer: Oprah Winfrey’: (Under Oprah, the OWN Channel is primed to combat the tabloid programming we’ve become accustomed to with smart, enlightened, informative content)

“Air Force Commander: Major General Margaret Woodward”: (Air Force Mjr General Woodward recently ran the opening 11 days of the war against Libya (a groundbreaking mission for a female commander)

Secretary of State: Hilllary Clinton“: (Ms. Clinton deployed her star power in direct contacts with the public overseas, speaking clearly about human rights and freedom of expression on the Internet)

Spokesman For A Revolution: Wael Ghonim” (This Google executive, instigated the call for a peaceful revolution in his native Egypt through social media channels)

“Newark’s Mayor: Cory Booker” (Booker is dedicated to reforming the schools in Newark, NJ and is living in a tiny inner city flat all the while to prove that he is a servant leader).

The First Lady: Michelle Obama”: (Dubbing herself ‘First Mom”, First Lady Obama is primarily focused on combating childhood obesity and improving the health of America’s Kids through her ‘Let’s Move’ exercise program and initiative to improve the quality of food served in schools.)

“Brazil’s President:Dilma Rouseff“: (President Rouseff has stood up to the former military dictatorship of Brazil and is dedicated to building a democratic alternative for development, social equality and women’s rights.)

“Advocate: Cecile Richards“: (Daughter of Ann Richards, Cecile Richards is leading the charge against a comprehensive and radical attack on women’s health and reproductive freedom as the Director of Planned Parenthood)

“Champion of Students: Michelle Rhee”: (Ms. Rhee is singlehandedly going up against the teacher’s union with her Students First advocacy group in the name of improving the lot of the nation’s students. You have my vote Ms. Rhee).

Check out the rest of “The Time 100” profiles and let me know who sticks out the most for you and why. Thank you!


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