Your 2011 Recipe For Your Best Year Yet


  • VISION: “the specific ultimate destination that is ‘YOUR BEST YEAR YET’  that will serve as your torch along your journey when in need of inspiration/re-grouping etc.
  • DRIVE: “burning desires yet unmet & the knowledge that there is more you could be doing and being for yourself, others and the world”
  • SWAGGER: “the ability to pull off feats that at first glance might seem insurmountable, willing to take the risk of faking it until you really make it, an innate belief in yourself that you can and will achieve _______”
  • DILIGENCE: “the hard work, patience and humility that will be required along the way to achieving _______”
  • COMMUNITY: “accountability partners, a coach, girlfriends, boyfriends-whomever will provide consistent feedback, encouragement and honest ‘truth telling’ for you along your journey.”


1) Kindly write down who you want to become in 2011. Be sure to understand why this is so important to you (critical piece).  Also, when I say ‘become’, I am asking you to tell yourself what it is you want to achieve, attain, transform in yourself, in your work/personal life, in your relationships, etc.

2) Next, write down a list of what being that person will mean as far as what you want to accomplish.  Meaning: how will you know when you have become that person?

3) Begin to sketch out a route from where you stand TODAY to where you will be on DECEMBER 31st, 2011. Thoughtfully include plans for the guaranteed potholes, dead-ends, etc (remember: if it was easy, you’d be there already).

4) Assess what type of tools, knowledge, resources you will need for this journey from the very practical and concrete to the very abstract and ubiquitous.

5) Identify which 10 key people in your life might best be able to help you attain/find/master the items you listed in #9. Give some forethought into how you might be of service to them (personally or professionally) and set up a mutually rewarding partnership.

6) Plug all of Steps 1-5 into a written form that works for you (business plan, detailed calendar, narrative, journal).

7) Chunk #6 down to monthly, weekly (and possibly even daily) goals/steps that you record in the calendar form that you use daily.

8) Identify an accountability partner who has similarly ambitious plans for their 2011 and schedule consistent but brief phone calls to report your progress.

9) Do not forget to *CELEBRATE/REWARD* yourself along the way for all of your outstanding achievements.


Chef’s Note: Please keep me in the loop along your journey to completing this recipe of your lessons learned, etc.




2 Responses to Your 2011 Recipe For Your Best Year Yet

  1. Kimi Clark says:

    Great post Katie, I love the idea of writing out my goals and being accountable to someone else. I may not go through all of the steps, but I’m determined to do at least some of them! 🙂

    • Wonderful Kimi. I am amazed at how skittish people are about putting their plans down in writing. It is enormously helpful to have a visual reminder as well as the discipline to take a moment to really think through what they are setting out to do and what they will need, etc. What’s your big goal for ”Celebrate Motherhood” in 2011?

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