Masterfully Managing Your Vision

How central is your business vision statement and purpose as you navigate your daily grind?  How often do you reflect on what your ultimate value proposition is to your clients and partners as you trudge through the ups and downs of your business life?  If you have not yet decided what your vision is for your career or your business–please, take the time, to do so.  Take advantage of my 30 minute complimentary session and we can get your started on this essential task.  Then, once you are crystal clear on what it is you are setting out to accomplish for yourself, your clients, your partners–here are some suggestions for ways that you can best manage your aspirations in the long haul:

  • Crisply communicate not only what you are ultimately in business to accomplish but also why there is no one else like you who can deliver on your value proposition and why you are in a class of your own.
  • Describe the future reality for your clients and partners that is a result of your work, so that they know what they are working towards with you and why they chose you.
  • Be prepared to address apprehension and objections that may be a by-product of them choosing your ‘way’ versus business as usual as well as an explanation of your ROI.
  • Remain open to necessary adjustments and tinkering that will allow you to better serve your customers.
  • Walk Your Talk! Make sure you model the same behavior which you speak and write about.
  • Keep in mind that varying audiences are going to warrant specific core messaging and value propositions.
  • Ask yourself how you are inspiring change within your community.  You have to instill hope and faith that you  have the answers that the world needs. Get creative!
  • Like it or hate it-you are selling your vision and purpose.  So, think about questions you have as a consumer as far as ‘satisfaction guaranteed’, commitment time frame, consumer reviews, etc.
  • Remain open to and committed to learning about future trends within your industry and adapt accordingly.

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