Developing Your #1 Asset: YOU!

Whether you are a business professional working for a medium to large corporation or you are sharpening your saw as a small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur–everyone is looking for ways to shine and stand apart from the pack these days.  In this pursuit, I begin by bringing to my client’s attention the themes as well as the core self-limiting beliefs that I hear (with my psychotherapist turned coach ears) as they tell me about their struggles and challenges in breaking through to the next level of where they would like to be professionally.

What do I mean by this?  Well, as young people we all develop certain coping techniques and beliefs that enabled us to navigate our early relationship patterns.  It is that Darwinian response that allows us all to survive what for some may not have exactly been a “Leave it To Beaver” type reality, and adapt in a way that is not always totally reliant on adequate and positive responses from our caretakers.  As we evolve, and are fortunate enough to find lovers, friends, and a community where we have healthy and balanced relationships–sometimes our former coping mechanisms and negative core beliefs we interpreted about ourselves from our early world, can get in the way.

Now, the challenge as adults is to:

1) IDENTIFY your negative core beliefs and maladaptive coping mechanisms

2) PROCESS how and why they played a functional role for you as a young person

3) UNCOVER what the cost is to you as an adult when you continue to hold on to them

4) LEARN to let them go and to live your life with less conditions, more freedom and greater possibilities!

So–what’s holding you back today?


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