Whose In Your Driver Seat Today?

drivers seatSix clients and colleagues have posed this rhetorical question to me, but really to themselves, in the last few weeks so I thought I would share with you and find out if you are also in the same predicament.  What they are trying to determine is WHO is driving their behavior, decision making, and overall professional trajectory TODAY?

Typically, my clients have been hell bent on following a self crafted path that they set out for themselves years ago when things were more, shall we say, predictable.  For some of us, we surpassed our goals years ago and have spent the last few years just hanging out, or surviving, or at the same plateau. For others, we are coming to the realization that what we thought we wanted for ourselves (own our own company, retire by 40, make manager by the time you begin having children) is no longer either realistic or may no longer be the life path that we want to pursue. Some of us realized along the way towards becoming and achieving, that that particular path and aspiration was actually not the path for us and we needed to abort and shift gears towards a better fit.

Either way, it is time to REFLECT and EXPLORE.

Of course, the questions I always begin with: What do you want your legacy to be? Where do you want to end up? What do you need to do to ‘right your sails’ so that you are working towards those ends?  What is of the greatest priorities? What do you need to have in your life versus what would be nice to have in your life?

Answer these questions and the HOW and the WHAT of your life should reveal itself pretty naturally.

So, I ask you: Whose in your driver seat today?


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